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G2G Research Group offers a variety of products and services that are useful when considering new store locations, or expansions/relocations of existing stores. These services not only provide our clients with a better understanding of their customers, but a better understanding of their existing stores' trade areas and market penetration as well. Our services are as follows:


Sales Forecasting Models - The development of an analog forecasting model provides invaluable information to our clients regarding the relationship between their stores' sales performance and the various demographic, competitive, and site characteristics associated with each of their stores. In addition, the model enables G2G Research Group to conduct sales forecasts on behalf of the client, assuming the client does not have the personnel or resources to conduct the sales forecasts on their own. A sales forecast can be generated for a new store, or a relocation/expansion of an existing store. As a result, the client can determine whether the proposed new store, or the relocation/expansion of an existing store, is going to achieve sufficient sales levels to warrant their investment in the new store.

Site Studies

Market Strategy Studies

Computer Mapping

Consumer Research Studies - G2G Research Group can employ a variety of consumer research techniques (listed below) in order to obtain crucial information regarding customer shopping habits, behavior, perceptions, and opinions. G2G Research Group would analyze and interpret the information gathered from customers in order to provide our clients with useful and actionable results and recommendations. This information can be used to determine what changes should be implemented to enhance the performance of our client's stores, and to monitor how those changes are being received by our client's customers.

Expert Witness Testimony - Our expertise in location research makes us qualified to assist our clients with letters of opinion, or to serve as an expert witness, in order to help them resolve any complex site-related issues that they encounter.

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